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At Affordable Global Cleaning Services, we provide specialised services for a range of sporting and exercise facilities. If you require sports centre cleaning, gym cleaning or leisure centre cleaning services, we develop a highly effective cleaning program that will ensure your facility is kept hygienically clean. We have developed an excellent reputation for our services in this area, and you will find our services to be reliable, flexible and affordable. Gyms and sports centres are potentially a hot spot for bacteria, as well as odours. It is an essential element of your presentation to your clients that your facilities and equipment are clean and well maintained. Gyms that are clean, hygienic and smell fresh will attract and retain more clients. With the amount of traffic that your gym sees every day, and the amount of sweat that gets left behind, it is imperative you have a thorough cleaning done regularly to ensure your clients have a healthy work out environment. Our special disinfection program will ensure your equipment is properly sanitised and will remain infection free and safe for use by your members. Our sports centre cleaners understand the types of cleaning services required to ensure your facility remains at its best for your clients.

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