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Curtains are popularly used to enhance the décor of interior spaces. Just like other elements in interior design, these simple window coverings can play multiple roles – both from an aesthetic as well as functional perspective. They can control the light and shade within a space, as well as keep out dust, pollution and prying eyes from outside, so that you can get some privacy. The right choice of window coverings can really make a difference in the ambience of the room, and the same holds true otherwise as well. But unlike other aspects of décor, curtains often get ignored or sidelined during regular housekeeping work. Whether this is due to less awareness about the need for regular curtain cleaning, or simply the hectic lifestyle, curtain cleaning often takes a backseat as it is not perceived as a priority. And while it is true that curtains do not require as regular a cleaning as most other interior aspects, the fact of the matter remains that curtain cleaning is an essential part of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

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